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Revival tents are used for all kinds of events like revivals, tent rentals, parties, special events, etc.. Revival Tents at Miami Missionary Tent Company are kept in stock in many different sizes!  These pole tents are manufactured using the highest quality vinyl available.  Much of it is custom made for us.  When Miami Missionary Tent started building tents in 1980, no tent company was even interesed in building a heavy-duty, long lived tent!  In the last 38 years, we have shipped tents to all 50 states, every province of Canada and a total of 146 countries around the world.  Our tents are designed to handle much more extreme weather than a normal party tent built elsewhere. Some of our customers leave them up all year round for meetings, churches, storage facility and many other purposes.

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Why Miami Missionary Tent?

The capability of our commercial tent production line is possible because we designed the building primarily for the purposes of commercial tent manufacturing. We devised the floor plan, then repurposed the size, height, and shape of the building. A few of the reasons that our customers choose us when searching for commercial tents for sale or large party tents include:

  1. Superb production facility
  2. Excellent manufacturing equipment
  3. Outstanding staff

As commercial tent manufacturers, we have invested in top-quality tent manufacturing equipment and a stable and dedicated team of professionals. All work is inspected throughout the entire production process, ensuring that quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry. You can be sure that every stitch of thread is in place to permanently protect your tent.

Setup Instructional Videos


This is the trim that hangs off the edge of tent top about 12″. When you close the sides of your tent with your sidewall, the valance covers the gap between tent top and sidewall.
Available colors are listed at the top of each price list.
oz is the weight of the vinyl per square yard. 18 oz is the heaviest.
Contact us by phone, email, fax and let us know what tent size, color, oz.. We will walk you through the process from there.

Payment methods are listed on home page at https://www.gospeltent.com

That is the height where you first walk under the edge of the tent top. We have standard heights of 7 1/2′ and 10′ but can make whatever you need.

Life expectancy is always an interesting question. It depends so much on how well someone sets up their tent and keeps it tight and how many severe storms it goes through.

If you only use the tent a few months a year, you might have trouble ever wearing it out. We have left our lightest 14oz tent up 4 years, almost 1500 days and the vinyl was still intact and the tent construction was like new. We left our 18 oz premium tent up for over 12 years (4400 days plus) with same results. They were both closing in on the end of their life, but still no holes in top and construction was like new. We build the strongest, most reliable and longest lived pole tent in America. Check out https://www.gospeltent.com/description/
to see a detailed description of our tents down to the thread.

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